Criteria for Moisture-Control Design Analysis in Buildings
ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 160


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25 01 2022 Agenda SSPC 160

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Title, Purpose, and Scope


The purpose of this standard is to specify performance-based design criteria for predicting, mitigating or reducing moisture damage to the building envelope, materials, components, systems and furnishings, depending on climate, construction type, and HVAC system operation. These criteria include the following:

a) criteria for selecting analytic procedures
b) criteria for inputs
c) criteria for evaluation and use of outputs


2.1 This standard applies to the design of new buildings and to the retrofit and renovation of existing buildings. 2.2 This standard applies to all types of buildings, building components, and materials. 2.3 This standard applies to all interior and exterior zones and building envelope cavities. 2.4 This standard does not directly apply to thermal comfort or acceptable indoor air quality. 2.5 This standard does not address the design of building components or envelopes to resist liquid water leakage from sources such as rain water, ground water, flooding or ice dams.


ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 160-2009 is under continuous maintenance by SSPC 160 for which the Standards Committee has established a documented program for regular publication of addenda or revisions.



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Committee Chair

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Achilles Karagiozis


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Fitsum Tariku


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